Brief descriptions of Membertou’s various department and services are provided in the links below. As you will see, Membertou is involved in a wide array of businesses and community services. From the Elementary School to the Convention Centre, Membertou is focused on continually improving the lives of the community members from toddlers to seniors. Membertou is proud of its contribution to its own community, the Cape Breton Regional Municipality and Cape Breton Island. If you have any questions or comments for a specific department, please contact the number provided or simply email directly from the contact us section. We appreciate your feedback!

Membertou Divisions

Human Resources

Manager: Richard Stevens

The Membertou Human Resources Department (HR) was established in 2002 as a result of Membertou’s rapid growth and the number of people employed within Membertou, which varies throughout the year from 350 – 700 employees.

The HR Department is responsible for duties such as Payroll, Occupational Health and Safety, Quality Assurance, staffing issues, employee benefits, new staff orientation, job postings, hiring procedure, maintaining staff files, attendance, staff training, Annual Staff Meeting, and staff events, for all 22 Departments. Other duties include quarterly HR newsletter, recreation reimbursement, annual community donation, and Band membership.

The HR Department assists in the creation of personnel policies and procedures and ensures that Membertou’s policies and procedures are followed by all departments and employees.

Membertou Administration Building
111 Membertou Street
Membertou, Nova Scotia
B1S 2M9
Tel: (902) 564-6466
Fax: (902) 539-6645

Finance Department

Chief Financial Officer: Mike McIntyre

The people of Membertou once lived in debt and poverty but have worked hard under the leadership of Chief Terrance Paul and the consistent leadership of Council to progress Membertou toward a more positive future.

Membertou has grown economically and financially over the years. Membertou’s operating budget has grown from exponentially from $4 million since 1997. Membertou continuously ends its fiscal years in a positive cash flow with consecutive surpluses.

The Finance Department manages all of Membertou’s budgets and distributes finances appropriately. The finance department oversees all expenditures, which includes administration and government programs, capital projects and economic development.

Membertou Administration Building
111 Membertou St.
Membertou, Nova Scotia  
B1S 2M9
Tel: (902) 564-6466
Fax: (902) 539-6645


Coordinator: Cheryl Knockwood

Membertou Family Homes Law

Public Works

Director: Vance Kabatay

Membertou has enjoyed unprecedented positive growth in the past decade. The Membertou Department of Public Works is an important part of the Membertou development team with a wide array of responsibilities including planning and promoting new development in Membertou amid an ever changing environment.

The daily operations of this department include the design, construction and maintenance of Membertou’s water and sewer infrastructure along with community roads. Other responsibilities include the remediation of construction sites and the preperation of new housing lots. This department is also responsible for snow removal and winter work operations.

In addition to these duties, the Department of Public Works played a significant role in the construction of new development, such as the Membertou Trade and Convention Centre, gaming pavilions, and roadway enhancement.

90 Santele’sewawti
Membertou, Nova Scotia
B1S 0A8
Tel. (902) 562-6842
Fax. (902) 562-9628

Environmental Services

Manager: Nicole Francis 

The Environmental Services Department is responsible for maintaining a clean and healthy work and public friendly environment in all of the Membertou community and civic buildings. Established in 2007, the department also provides internal linen cleaning services for the Membertou Trade and Convention Centre and Membertou Entertainment Centre’s constant requirements. Staff members are all thoroughly trained to provide the most efficient and health conscience services possible and utilize the latest equipment and eco friendly supplies to protect all of the public environments and work areas.

115 Membertou Street
Membertou, Nova Scotia
B1S 2M9
Tel: (902) 539-2125
Fax: (902) 562-0598

Occupational Health & Safety

Director: Peter Stevens

The Occupational Health & Safety Department is responsible for maintaining health and safety in the workplace, and the community of Membertou, since it was established in 2004. The department provides technical expertise to all employees regarding all health and safety matters and also administers training in several key areas to maintain a safe and healthy work environment for all Membertou employees sponsoring courses such as WHMIS, First Aid, Due Diligence and construction safety courses required by Membertou.

Membertou Administration Building
111 Membertou Street
Membertou, Nova Scotia
B1S 2M9
Tel: (902) 564-6466 (ext: 2550) | Fax: (902) 562-2645

Membertou Radio C99FM

Manager: Dawn Wells

C99 FM is a community radio station type B format. This station is owned by the Membertou Chief and Council. The call letters are C-J-I-J. The FM stereo dial is 99.9. We are operating at 50 watts. C99 FM also can be heard on Eastlink digital cable on channel 855 in Sydney, NS.  Membertou radio plays classic rock, modern rock, First Nations music, Canadian artists, and country on Sundays. There is also a variety of programs dedicated to particular genres of music within its schedule.

Membertou radio currently has two employees, Dawn Wells as manager, and Aggie Baby as announcer producer.

Membertou Radio CJIJ FM

On Air: (902) 562-0009
Program Room: (902) 562-0679 (ext: 3600)

Health Department & Wellness Centre

Director: Darlene Anganis

The Membertou Wellness Home continues to address the health issues facing the community of Membertou. The Wellness Home delivers programs in heart disease/hypertension, smoking cessation, healthy weight, crisis prevention/intervention, mental health, pre-natal, diabetes foot care, addictions services, dental therapy, chronic disease, home and community care and respiratory illness. All programs encourage a healthy lifestyle and are offered through monthly information sessions, weight loss groups and one- on -one counseling. Programs are available to anyone in the community requesting these services.

The Membertou Wellness Home offers a family practice medical clinic with Dr. Jeff Power providing services to the community from Monday through Friday.

107 Membertou Street
Membertou, Nova Scotia
B1S 2M9
Tel: (902) 564-6466
Fax: (902) 539-9954

Social Services Department

Director: Joan Denny

The Social Services Department has had many significant changes over the past few years. The department has been working hard to change the norms of social spending in Membertou. Through active measures; our community leaders are making substantial investments in its workforce through education and training administered by the department.

The Department had a banner year in 2007, graduating over 20 students from adult learning and 10 students in trades training through our case management section known as Social Training Assistance Initiative Reinvestment Strategy. (STAIRS)
The Apprenticeship section of the policy supports apprentices registered with the Nova Scotia Apprenticeship Program to work towards their certification.

Membertou’s Social employees' commitment and hard work to improve the overall development of Membertou’s workforce enables our community to continue to prepare our future employees with the skills they require in today’s challenging workplace.

Membertou Administration Building
111 Membertou Street
Membertou, Nova Scotia
B1S 2M9
Tel: (902) 564-6466
Fax: (902) 539-6645

Education Department

Director: Darren Googoo

The Membertou Education Department plays a very significant and important role within the community. Through Membertou’s own elementary school, valuable programs and services are offered that are not available elsewhere. The Membertou Education Department provides culture and conversational Mi’kmaw classes to the youth, offers state of the art technology, such as, laptops for all children, hosts after school homework clubs and other extra curricular activities.

Membertou’s C@P Site Program offers online computer skills enhancement programs, cyber camps for children, aboriginal small business information kiosk, and is available to anyone to simply browse the net, check emails and assist with homework and school projects.

In the fall of 2005, Membertou opened its own youth centre. This $275,000 facility is dedicated to the encouragement of cultural, academic, social and recreational programs to youth. The Membertou Youth Centre supports Membertou’s long term goals of promoting active, educational and cultural activities to the future of Membertou, and encourages the youth to be involved in a wide variety of activities that they may not have otherwise had the chance to participate.

111 Membertou Street
Membertou, Nova Scotia
B1S 2M9
Tel: (902) 564-6466
Fax: (902) 539-6645

Membertou C@P Site

Director: Alex Dugandzic

The Membertou C@P site offers an array of programs for community members and the surrounding area. The center is responsible for facilitating summer computer seminars, tutoring for junior high and high school students and gives any visitor the opportunity to surf the web or check email.

Membertou’s own youth centre opened in the fall of 2005. This $275,000.00 facility is dedicated to the encouragement of cultural, academic, social and recreational programs to youth. The Membertou Youth Centre supports Membertou’s long term goals of promoting active, educational and cultural activities to the future of Membertou, and encourages the youth to be involved in a wide variety of activities that they may not have otherwise had the chance to participate.

34 Maillard Street
Membertou, Nova Scotia
B1S 2M9
Tel: (902) 539-4920
Fax: (902) 539-4990

Membertou Entrepreneur Centre

Manager: Eileen Paul

In late 2005, Membertou established a unique partnership with the YMCA of Cape Breton to open an Entrepreneur Centre in Membertou. The Membertou Entrepreneur Centre now provides customized business training and support to interested entrepreneurs in the Membertou community.

Speaking to a crowd in attendance at the Membertou Trade and Convention Centre, Chief Terrance Paul said, “Membertou has pursued an aggressive strategy towards economic sustainability and we have now identified a growing need in our community for entrepreneur training and business support. The Entrepreneur Centre opens up the opportunity for our community members to actively pursue small business development and in turn contribute to the Cape Breton economy.”

The Entrepreneur Centre offers a business development program that includes customized training and workshops as well as one-on-one support for new and existing businesses. The main focus is to assist Membertou residents that are interested in starting a new business or expanding an existing business, to develop a strong business plan.

Several times a year, orientation sessions are held in Membertou for anyone thinking of starting his or her own business. For anyone serious about starting their own business, the next step is to attend an assessment session. A person can then be approved for a training program of up to 12 weeks to assist them in preparing their detailed business plan.

The Entrepreneur Centre will also work together with Aboriginal Business Canada (ABC), Ulnooweg Development Group and other federal, provincial and community economic development agencies to determine how best to provide investment capital and funding to support new business ventures in Membertou.

Feel free to drop by and meet with the Manager, Eileen Paul. You can also contact Eileen at the number listed below. We also have a web page you can refer to

The Membertou Entrepreneur Centre is offering a certificate program comprised of seven courses that will prepare participants for establishing their own business. The participants will gain an understanding of all components that form a proper business plan. When the participant has finalized the courses, they will be prepared to seek financing and/or funding by using the business plan they have developed throughout this program.

When you enroll in the Certificate Program at Membertou Entrepreneur Centre you take the first step in creating an opportunity to become a successful entrepreneur.

The program is offered in seven-week intervals. The courses have been scheduled for evenings and weekends to adapt to working lifestyles. There is no fee associated with the program. If you are interested in becoming an entrepreneur but are unsure what is required, then this is the course for you.

The Membertou Certificate Program’s Calendar currently includes the following
• Bookkeeping
• Marketing and Social Media
• Customer Service
• Proposal Writing
• Balance and Life Skills
• Finance and Credit
• Business Planning

New course schedule coming soon.

For more information and to register by phone, please contact:

Eileen Paul, Manager
Membertou Entrepreneur Centre
201 Churchill Drive 
Membertou, Nova Scotia 
B1S 2M9
Tel: (902) 562-6919
Cell:(902) 577-0785
Fax: (902) 562-2068

Office hours are Monday to Friday, 9am to 4:30pm.

Membertou Housing

Membertou Administration

Membertou’s Administration department offers various administrative services to the community such as work covering Governance, Policy, and the various Mi’kmaq Employment Training Secretariat (METS) programs.

Membertou Quality Assurance and ISO Compliance

Quality Assurance Coordinators: Kyanne Paul and Joan Paul

In January of 2002 Membertou received official notification of its ISO status, making Membertou the first aboriginal government in the world to become ISO 9001 certified. The purpose of ISO 9001 compliance is to further enhance Membertou's indigenous economy based on the pillars of sustainability, conservation, innovation and success. The ISO designation allows Membertou to position itself as a very credible player in the global market economy. 
Today, through strong leadership from Chief and Council, other senior members of management and adherence to ISO standards, Membertou continues to show the world that they have transparent and consistent management policies.  

111 Membertou St.
Membertou, Nova Scotia
B1S 2M9
Tel: (902) 564-6466 (ext. 2570)
Fax: (902) 539-6645

Membertou Natural Resources

The Membertou Department of Natural Resources (MNR) was formed in 1992 as a result of the Sparrow Decision in which Federal legislation provided aboriginal persons protection and harvest priority of the fish resources after conservation levels are met. Harvested fish resources can be used for food, social or ceremonial (FSC) purposes.
The Federal Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO), whose mandate is for the protection, conservation and management of our fishery resources developed the Aboriginal Fishery Strategy Program (AFS) to co-manage the fishery resources between Aboriginal groups, commercial and non commercial fishermen.
As a result of the AFS program, fishery management agreements were made between the DFO and the Membertou Band Council to provide a mechanism for the harvest, protection and conservation of the fishery resources. A communal fishing licence was issued to the Membertou Band which outlines harvestable fish species requirements, seasons, quota’s, gear requirements, etc.
Membertou Natural Resources department staff consists of a Manager who is also trained by DFO and carries the designation of an Aboriginal Fishery Guardian whom operates under the Director of Fisheries of the Membertou Band.  MNR also has qualified seasonal technicians who help in the daily operations of the department.
The MNR Manager/Fishery Guardian plans, organizes, directs and oversees all natural resource related activities, including FSC harvesting, fishery, forestry, wildlife, environmental, mineral, land and water based activities, including the conservation, protection and restoration of our Natural Resources for the Membertou Band Council.  He sees to coordinating all operations of the Bands interest in the activities noted above. 
Staff of MNR
Hubert Nicholas, Director of Fisheries
Lance Paul, Manager of Membertou Natural Resources
George Christmas, Senior Technician
Glenn Googoo, Technician
Rosalind Christmas, Technician
Civic Address
201 Churchill Drive 
Membertou, Nova Scotia B1S 2M9
Phone: (902) 562-2649 or (902) 564-6466 (ext. 3400)  
Fax: (902) 539-6645 

Mailing Address
111 Membertou St.
Membertou, Nova Scotia B1S 2M9

Membertou Boxing Club 

Coaches: Greg Martin and Daniel Martin

The Membertou Boxing Club was formally established in 2008 by coaches Greg and Daniel Martin, formerly of Glace Bay's Ring 73, and the Membertou Band Council.  Housed at what residents simply referred to as "the gym" for generations, the club created its own following and began to attract eager students of all ages.

The years would see many new faces, both male and female, walk through its doors.  Years later, many of those students are still training at the club and encouraging new members to take interest.  Coaches Greg and Daniel Martin have since become honourary members of Membertou's community.  They have helped shape champions and make dramatically positive impacts in the lives of their students.  

In 2015, the club adopted the Mi'kmaw phrase Ta'n Wen'ju'te'kewinu'k Etl-kina'masulti'tij as the name of its training area.  Translated, it means Where Warriors Train. 

Today, Membertou Boxing Club is situated at its permanent home, overlooking the community’s traditional pow wow grounds and athletics field, while sharing a communal space with Membertou’s Elders and band staff. 

113 Membertou Street
Membertou NS
B1S 2M9

Maupeltuewey Kina'matno'kuom

Principal: Sharon Bernard

171 Tupsi Drive
Membertou, NS
B1S 3W8

1 (902) 562 2205


Membertou Corporate Divisions

Membertou Corporate Division

The Membertou Corporate Division opened its doors in 2000 in downtown Halifax, in order to position itself to aggressively pursue business opportunities with government partners and the private sector. Membertou realized the importance of situating itself in the business core of Nova Scotia, and the results have been tremendous. By focusing on partnerships, joint ventures and exploring new opportunities, the MCD is fulfilling its goal of creating wealth, prosperity and employment for the Membertou First Nation. Since the opening of the MCD, Membertou has formed relationships with nationally recognized partners such as Lockheed Martin Canada, Sodexho Canada, Clearwater Fine Foods, SNC Lavalin, Nova Scotia Community College, Jacques Whitford and more.

Being the first aboriginal government in the world to become ISO 9001 compliant, has opened many doors and has allowed Membertou to explore business opportunities in various industries that otherwise would not have been possible, such as the aerospace industry.

The Corporate Division now resides at the Membertou Trade & Convention Centre in Membertou, NS. 

50 Maillard Street
Membertou, Nova Scotia
B1S 3W3
Tel: (902) 564-6466
Fax: (902) 539-6645

Membertou Market

Manager: Kenny MacDougall

The Membertou Market was established in December, 2001,  it has since served hundreds of customers.  The Membertou Market was the first hybrid style market in Eastern Nova Scotia, putting Membertou in the forefront of the convenience store and gasoline industry. The market offers a variety of products including; grocery items, fresh fruit and vegetables, gas, diesel, propane, and lottery and tobacco.

In May 2010, the Membertou Market expanded its fast food operations by re-branding its existing chicken outlet and adding a deli. Membertou Chicken & Deli features tasty chicken and deli menus for eat in, takeout and delivery.

Membertou Market
38 Maillard St.
Membertou, Nova Scotia
B1P 2P6
Tel: (902) 539-8401
Fax: (902) 562-4401


Membertou Trade & Convention Centre

Cape Breton Island’s premiere event destination, the Membertou Trade and Convention Centre (MTCC) is the perfect place to hold any event from small staff gatherings to large-scale entertainment shows, weddings and conferences.  With modern architecture and intriguing Mi’kmaq art and artifacts,  this unique facility offers 20,000 square feet of versatile event space. 

Equipped with various-sized meeting rooms and a large main hall and stage, the MTCC provides full catering services and modern technology including video conferencing, wireless internet, and concert sound and lighting.  While at the Membertou Trade and Convention Centre, guests can visit the Box Office to view upcoming shows and dine at Kiju’s Restaurant, one of Sydney’s top dining establishments.  The MTCC is also conveniently attached to the beautiful Hampton Inn Sydney by a pedway.

Hundreds of guests from across Canada visit the MTCC daily for dining, entertainment, business meetings, weddings, and conferences.    It is the perfect location for your gatherings no matter what time of year.  Book your event at the Membertou Trade & Convention Centre and experience our unique combination of hospitality and professionalism!

50 Maillard Street
Membertou, Nova Scotia B1S 3W3
Tel: (902) 562-6826 
Fax: (902) 564-4921


Membertou Heritage Park

General Manager: Jeff Ward

The community of Membertou and its Elders recognized the importance of sharing their exclusive culture and history will all people, and realize that this sharing and celebration must come from the community itself. The opening of the Membertou Heritage Park in June 2012 marked this sharing of the unique culture that is Membertou.

The Membertou Heritage Park consists of a five-acre site that offers a living history of the people of Membertou. A large indoor exhibit and program area offers the visitor full immersion to an ancient culture. Through the Blossoms and Berries Donation Campaign the Membertou Heritage Park will be expanding their landscape in the future.

Take a little piece of authentic Canadian tradition home with you as you browse through Petroglyphs Gift Shop. Petroglyph specializes in Aboriginal arts and crafts and carries a wide arrangement of traditional and contemporary Mi'kmaq arts and crafts made locally in Atlantic Canada.

The Park honours the spirituality and the strength of the Membertou people telling the story of Membertou, educating and sharing the Mi’kmaq culture and assisting in preserving the Mi’kmaq heritage. Through the Membertou Heritage Park, all peoples have the opportunity to touch, feel and learn while experiencing firsthand Membertou’s rich culture.

Membertou Heritage Park
35 Su'n Awti
Membertou, Nova Scotia
B1S 0A5
Telephone: (902) 567-5333
Fascimile: (902) 539-6076


Membertou Geomatics Solutions

Manager: Jason Googoo

Today’s advanced imaging technology brings us new ways of seeing the world around us, and how we interact with it. With these in-depth views of our environment, we gain a unique perspective of our challenges – and our solutions.

At Membertou Geomatics Consultants (MGC), we offer a full range of geomatics services to help turn data into visual representations – images that can provide a clear view of what’s really going on.

Our experienced consultants and technicians offer expertise and professional customer care through every step of the process, from needs assessment through final product delivery and analysis.

Bring some perspective to your decision-making. Contact us to see how our geomatics services can help.

Halifax Office:
2000 Barrington Street, Suite 1302
Halifax, Nova Scotia
B3J 3K1
Phone: (902) 429-5445
Fax: (902) 429-5461

Membertou Office:
11 Chief Ben Christmas Awti'j
Membertou, Nova Scotia
B1S 0A2
Phone: (902) 562-2784
Fax: (902) 429-5461


MGC Primary Services
First Nation Geographic Information System (GIS) Consulting Services
First Nations are among the sectors most interested in GIS due to the empowerment that accessing information and analysis of one’s own traditional land provides. However, implementation of a GIS system and building a supporting database can be an expensive and daunting task without the benefit of experience and best practices of other First Nations.

As an aboriginal company, MGC can assist in the design, development, implementation and consultation of GIS to assist aboriginal communities as well as government, public and private sectors. The various applications of GIS can address economic, environmental and cultural issues of a community. The system can also assist in delivery of services from emergency health care to street repair to market analysis trends for community businesses.

For example, a community focused on sustainable development may be considering the impact of a recreational facility. Information from GIS can assist in all three areas of decision-making.

Ensure efficient use of community resources and funds
Investigate possible income-generating facilities
Determine the need for a resource for the community
Plan for responsible use of available land
Design for low impact on the environment
Visualize to ensure aesthetically acceptable options
Determine the need for a community resource
Examine potential recreational participation
Choose most suitable location for a community gathering point

This is just one example of the many ways that GIS services can help communities make informed decisions.


Remote Sensing / Photogrammetry
MGC’s key data capturing technique is photogrammetry, which combines elements of math, geometry, photography and physics. This approach combines images to create clear visualizations of existing conditions or proposed developments. Data from photogrammetry has many benefits over traditional visual tools such as provincial or municipal maps. Where existing maps are dictated by old information, photogrammetry provides the ability to use current information that is customized to the client project. The maps and other visual aids created from photogrammetry are highly accurate, detailed and scalable.

With this type of information, photogrammetry provides a view of the area in its current situation, with images that are up to date and relevant to your project.

A fast, cost-effective and efficient imaging tool, photogrammetry can provide details such as topographical features and digital elevation models (DEM) that can ensure an accurate depiction of a geographical area, and can aid in developmental planning.

As coverage areas increase in size, satellite imagery becomes a more economical means of data capture. MGC has current capabilities to utilize full spectrum and panchromatic imagery which is sufficient for most GIS and mapping purposes. Specialized software is used for more advanced satellite image processing such as vegetation and land use detection and analysis.

MGC will soon be offering services in Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR) technology. As part of a research collaboration between MGC and the Nova Scotia Community College, MGC will be researching the new remote sensing techniques to acquire high-resolution terrain models. LIDAR will be acquired, processed and integrated into a GIS. This type of elevation data can be used for many different municipal applications including identifying areas at risk to flooding of which is a concern for many aboriginal communities.


Decision Support
MGC now offers Decision Support services to aboriginal communities, government, public and private sectors. MGC will plan, develop and deploy a Community GIS (CGIS) system to assist aboriginal communities and municipalities in decision making.

The CGIS is developed and maintained by MGC and the client community and it will be sold as a service and not a product. This allows the aboriginal or client community to be able to access community data and analysis tools via web browser. This format of hosting and accessing community data and analysis tools provides greater accessibility to managers and staff with only minimal knowledge of GIS required. Login passwords and access privileges will provide security and confidentiality of each manager’s database and general access privileges can provide the community access to selected databases.


Project Management
MGC offers project management services for GIS projects and depending on the scope of the project, MGC partners with outside companies as required. This strategy of partnerships will provide access to both large and small projects. MGC will specifically focus on initial project management opportunities within the aboriginal communities.

Membertou is developing very fast and MGC focused its initial project management services on some of the many infrastructure projects within Membertou. The benefits of MGC’s project management services within Membertou are in the experience and knowledge that MGC obtained during developing the community plan, including all current and future development, for Membertou. This gives MGC indepth knowledge of Membertou’s plans and concerns of the community regarding development.


Mi’kmaq Ecological Knowledge Studies (MEKS or TEKS)
The Aboriginal community have a long-existing, unique and special relationship with the land and its’ resources which involves exploitation and conservation of natural resources and spiritual ideologies as well. This knowledge is held by Aboriginal individuals and has been passed on from generation to generation; kisaku kinutemuatel mijuijij (Mi’kmaq).

Mi’kmaq Ecological Knowledge Studies gather and document the collective body of ecological knowledge which is held by the Aboriginal people. This study will normally accompany an Environmental Assessment or Impact Statement.

The MEKS will provide assurances that the Aboriginal use and knowledge of the area in question and its’ resources are considered within the overall environmental presentation and as well, will further ensure that the Environmental Assessment required is thorough.


Other Geomatics Services
- Data Capture and Conversion
- GPS field surveys
- Mapping
- Planning
- Site Selection Studies
- Land use Analysis/Studies
- Road and Highway Design Projects
- Demographic/Market Analysis
- 3D Modeling\Visualization

Membertou Data Centre

Manager: Jamie Doyle

Membertou Data Centre specializes in the hosting and management of complex IT environments, ensuring the availability, security and integrity of critical data and business applications everyday. Membertou Data Centre operates a world-class data center in Membertou that features support personnel, cooling, power, connectivity and physical security for clients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year.

Membertou Data Centre has been operational since January 2007. Membertou Data Centre currently hosts servers for numerous clients throughout Canada. Services such as managed hosting, disaster recovery, help desk/technical support services and website and email hosting are offered by the Membertou Data Centre

50 Maillard Street
Membertou, Nova Scotia
B1S 3W3
Tel: (902) 562-6826
Fax: (902) 562-6828

Kiju's Restaurant

Food & Beverage Manager: 

What we have to offer at Kiju's Restaurant can be summed up in three words: Fresh, local, friendly.

Fresh, because our Chef incorporates fresh ideas, uses fresh ingredients, and creates fresh house made meals that would make Kiju proud.

Local, because at all times, at least 40% of our ingredients are sourced from local Nova Scotia suppliers.  This percentage is much higher in the Summer and Fall months.

Friendly, because our staff provide friendly Cape Breton hospitality.

The English translation for ‘Kiju’s’ is referring to one’s grandmother. The reason for this name is that our people have always counted on our ‘Kiju’s’ for making the best home cooked meals around. We know a meal at our ‘Kiju’s’ was always guaranteed to be delicious.

Kiju's Restaurant
50 Maillard Street
Membertou, Nova Scotia
B1S 3W3
Phone: (902) 562-6220



First Fishermen Seafoods

Director: Hubert Nicholas

First Fishermen Seafoods is an Aboriginal owned and operated seafood company based in Membertou, Nova Scotia, Canada. We emphasize the highest quality seafood products from a fishery rich in history and tradition. First Fishermen Seafoods believes strongly in following the traditional ways passed down from our ancestors, where nature and the environment are respected and appreciated. We believe that these practices make the ultimate difference in the taste and quality of our products to our customers.

First Fishermen Seafoods believes there is no substitute for fresh seafood and there is no better place to catch seafood than the rich fishing grounds of Atlantic Canada. Our products blend the traditions of the Atlantic Canadian fishing industry with a modern approach to quality assurance and sustainability.

Utilizing the fleet of six (6) vessels Membertou’s First Fishermen Seafoods harvests a variety of ground fish, shell fish and large Pelagic including tuna and swordfish. As it continues to pursue an aggressive growth strategy Membertou remains committed to extracting the maximum value from each kilogram of the resources that it harvests while respecting the natural environment.

111 Membertou Street
Membertou, Nova Scotia
B1S 2M9
Tel: (902) 564-6466 Ext. 5011
Fax: (902) 562-5536

Membertou Entertainment Centre

General Manager: Sheri Trask 

The newest addition to Membertou’s commercial enterprises is the Membertou Entertainment Centre (MEC), which opened in August 2007. The MEC is a state of the art, 33,000-square-foot building that hosts bingo games four (4) nights per week on the first floor and also houses two separate VLT areas upstairs, smoking and non smoking. The MEC Bingo hall features an open concept non-smoking area and also contains dual glassed in smoking areas for our customers who wish to smoke in comfort. The MEC also hosts several Monster Bingos throughout the year and provides electronic bingo for our most sophisticated players. Players can enjoy snacks and beverages from our full service concessions. Call the Bingo Hotline for details on all your favorite games!

11 Chief Ben Christmas Awti’j
Membertou, Nova Scotia
B1S 0A2
Bingo Hotline: (902) 562-3999
Tel: (902) 562-1198
Fax: (902) 562-2519

Membertou Gaming Commission


General Manager: Cynthia Christmas 

The Membertou Gaming Commission came into effect in 2002. There are currently five (5) gaming pavilions, with head offices located in the newest pavilion at 51 Maillard Street. The Membertou Gaming Commission operates 23 hours a day, 7 days a week, and employs approximately 53 people. Membertou uses the profits gained from this industry to assist in the creation of new business, capital investments and also provides a portion in the form of dividends to all community members each year.

51 Maillard St.
Membertou, Nova Scotia
B1S 2W4
Tel: (902) 562-6969
Fax:(902) 562-6196

Membertou Commercial Realty

Membertou now provides office and retail space to both local and national businesses. Currently, 53,000 square feet has been fully leased in the Membertou Business Centre and Professional Centre, both offering a professional business environment. Membertou Business Centre currently has 11 tenants. The Professional Centre currently has six tenants. A current project is Churchill Crossing, which is in its first stage of development.

50 Maillard Street
Membertou, NS
B1S 3W3

Membertou Insurance Brokers 

Membertou/Cooke Insurance Group is a team of professionals who service the personal and business insurance needs of its clients in Membertou. Membertou Insurance Brokers have access to various companies, which gives clients competitive rates and diverse products to help their specific needs. They offer group and individual health plans, life and disability insurance, along with travel and legal defense insurance. 

201 Churchill Drive, Suite 307
Membertou, NS

Membertou Holding Properties