Membertou Land Code

On June 7-8, 2019, Membertou will be voting on the Membertou Land Code. VOTE NOW ONLINE:

The Land Code, if approved, will replace 44 sections of the Indian Actrelating to lands and resources management. If we reject our Land Code, the Government of Canada will remain in control of our reserve lands and we remain under the Indian Act for these purposes.   

The Membertou Land Code is a product of more than 6 years of discussions, input and recommendations from our community members living both on and off reserve. The Land Code will only be brought into force IFthe majority of participating Eligible Voters approves it in the upcoming Land Code Vote.  

Keep in mind, that voting “Yes” for the Membertou land code will NOT impact our aboriginal and treaty rights.

Where can I find a copy of Membertou Land Code?

 An electronic copy of the Membertou Land Code is available on the Membertou Governance website at If you prefer a hard copy, please drop by the Band Office or the Membertou Entrepreneur Centre.

What happens if I vote “Yes?”

If our community votes “yes” on our Land Code, Membertou will be governing our reserve lands and resources according to the rules proposed in the Land Code and we will have the ability to pass our own laws with respect to our lands and resources, that reflect our values and perspectives.  

What happens if I vote “No”?

If our community votes “no” on our Land Code, the federal government’s Indian Actprovisions related to land management will continue to apply in Membertou. Indian Act land provisions are archaic, inappropriate and do not recognize our inherent rights to make our own decisions and do not respect our law-making authority.  The Indian Actrequires the Government of Canada to sign land-related agreements and make major decisions on our behalf.  It also has the potential of greatly limiting and preventing the economic success of our Community and future integrity of our lands.

How do I Vote?

Community members have a choice to vote in 1 of 3 ways:  

  1. You can vote in person on June 7thand 8th, at the Membertou Trade and Convention Centre from 9:00 a.m.-8:00 p.m.; or
  2. You can vote by mail- in ballot.  To get a ballot please contact Chris LaPorte, the Ratification Officer at 902-564-8825; or 
  3.  You can vote electronically.  The electronic polls will remain open from now until June 7that 8:00 a.m. and the website address is

For more information, please contact Cheryl Knockwood at: (902) 564-6466 ext. 2520 or via email at: